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Isles of the Blest (Ch. 6)
When Percy woke the following morning, his muscles were tense and his hands were bawled into fists. He was used to weird demigod dreams, and the one of him hunting the Chancellor through the Chancery Building was the weirdest one yet. All around him, the sounds of his siblings sleeping filled the air. There weren’t many children of Poseidon around. Including Percy himself, there was Tracy and Benny. Tracy was from Washington State. She was a tall, slender, curvaceous girl, with black hair that just went beyond her ears, pale skin and light blue eyes. Percy didn’t know her that well. She was a private girl that kept to herself to such an extent to be considered an introvert. Benny was short and muscular, and looked so much like Percy that Percy thought people would consider them twins, and he was an extrovert. Percy smiled as he sat up and looked at them sleeping. They might be complete opposites personality wise, but gods help anyone that hurt one of them. Percy’s gri
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Isles of the Blest (Ch. 5)
Percy remembered how when he had first arrived at Camp, it had been Annabeth taking him on a tour. Now the roles were reversed, and there was a lot more to the camp then when Percy first arrived. The Greek Cabins, the Roman Barracks, the small training navy, the specially designed war games arena that could be partly transformed to be play a part in capture the flag, the temples and shrines. Everyone was fascinated by them.
“So, you are saying that the children here are from both the Greek and Roman aspects of the gods?” Ann asked curiously.
“Yep,” Percy grinned, popping the p.
“How does that work?” Jake/Jason asked.
“Very delicately,” Percy answered with a cheeky grin that made Nico’s cheeks burn red and even brought a hint of colour to Ann’s.
“And how do you know who is Greek and who is Roman?” Frank asked.
“Simple. Who understands what I am saying?” Percy asked in flawless Latin.
As expected, the rei
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Walking Dead in Paradise
Walking Dead in Paradise
(zombies, mentions of slash)
It was amazing how some areas of the world remained unaffected by the plague—in that, there were no major outbreaks. Take Australia, Britain and Ireland, for example. All three shut their seaports and airports immediately, effectively sealing their borders. Being islands, and thus, cut off from major landmasses, the overland migration of infected didn’t affect them. Sure, there were the seaborne infected—those ships who were fleeing ports and that had taken on people who it turned out were infected, but the combined efforts of the Royal Navy and the Irish Navy (small as it was) prevented any major threat to Britain and Ireland. Same went for Australia. Until the oil began to dry up and the navies of all three countries ended up dry docked.
Then infected ships began appearing along the shore lines of Australia and wrecking along its reefs and beaches. Given its vast size, many of these zombies were never seen again.
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Isles of the Blest (Ch. 4)
For the short time that the ‘study group’ was in existence, Percy felt as if he were back on the Argo II. There was hushed laughter that turned to sombre faces when they were made to actually study. Despite the fact that they were reborn, many of the demigods shared the same personality traits they had in their previous lives. Leo was still excessively ADHD. Nico still had a habit of waggling his eyebrows and grinning maniacally in an effort to scare Leo. Jason was an honest and just kind of guy. Annabeth was still terrified by spiders. She even confieded in Percy that she thought she was mad because she believed spiders targeted her. Percy had said he believed her, and she had smiled in relief.
Everything seemed good—until the sound of something bellowing echoed down the halls. Soon, there was howling. It looked like have so many children of the gods together had attracted monsters after all.
“Um, what was that?” Ann asked.
“Something really bad,
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Isles of the Blest (Ch. 3)
Percy and Thalia sat with Hades in a dingy, smoke filled cafe/bar. Percy remembered when it was just a book shop. Annabeth had spent hours in here. Now it was men and woman in dull grey overalls, fresh from the massive factories that churned out war produce and all of whom wanted nothing more than to drown their sorrows. Percy downed his shot of cheap whiskey and grimaced. Mortal alcohol had no effect on him. He was used to Olympian strength wine, but still. Percy examined his shot glass. It was a sign of how bad things were in the mortal world. There was a time Percy and Thalia would have been carded when buying something like this, but now, it was totally normal.
Chancellor Stott was war crazed. Percy wouldn’t have been surprised if he was a secret son of Ares, but the god of war seemed disappointed because he was a mortal. Percy didn’t mind war, if it was justified. He had fought in wars before himself. But there were no justification for Chancellor Stott’s wars, a
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Isles of the Blest (Ch.2)
(Future flash forward)
“I defeated Kronos before, did you really think that I couldn’t do it again?” the figure asked, looking down at the kneeling man, and shot him in the head. The kneeling man flew backwards, landing in a heap in a puddle of dirty water, which soaked his expensive suit. The figure lowered his gun, and sighed, stepping into the moonlight. It was a clear night, and cold, with a wind that promised that the rain from earlier would freeze. The figure was a young man, dressed in the black, military style uniform of the Ministry of State Security, its silver trim marking him as a junior officer.
The slight breeze ruffled his black hair, and his green eyes scanned the cityscape across from him. Trucks and jeeps of the Reserve Army buzzed back and forth between the various government buildings they had secured. A helicopter buzzed around the massive Patriots Memorial outside the Chancellors building. Smirking, the young man reached into a pocket of his unif
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You manage to combine sexual desire with a sense of innocene. The desire is in the look the one lying down is giving the other person, ...

You have a talent. A real talent. At first glance, I thought that certain parts of the trees on the right were far too dark but then I ...

I can feel the fear of the character in this throught the use of colour-- black and white with read the only visible colour (apart from...

Everything about this photo is striking. You have used the "basic" zombie, but done something new with it. The clothes, while intact, s...



Did you ever have one of those days when someone calls to the door you feel like saying "Welcome, come on in. Straight jackets are to the left, medication to the right. If you want to loose a hand, touch my coffee/alcohol."?


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